Pre- or Post- SDR Educational Workshops

NEW Pre- or Post- SDR Parent/Guardian Educational Workshops.

Dispelling the Myths….. Presenting the Reality.

Listening to many of the families we work with, one of the most resounding comments we’ve heard from families at SDR Rehab UK over the years, was how little information was available about recommended strength development pre- or post- SDR. For that reason we thought it would be a good idea to develop a workshop aimed at parent/guardian of children who are preparing for SDR, or who have had SDR and feel a little lost in terms of what is needed to assist their child in achieving the best long term potential.

These will be small group sessions of 6-8 parents/guardians per workshop, this is to ensure quality of delivery is high and to create a more personal experience for those in attendance. We want to get to know you individually and discover what your personal experiences are and what obstacles you are facing, or have faced and use these as specific examples in both our educational delivery, and yes, you’ve guessed it, our practical delivery. We feel that ‘reading is learning’ but ‘doing is understanding’. We believe that being able to correct and reinforce simple movements that will be imperative to potential long-term success is so important… And we believe we can teach you how to do this. This will be a great foundation for further and more complex strength and conditioning, motor control, balance and coordination ‘challenges’, that can be worked on by your selected strength and conditioning specialists.

  • Workshops will be based at the Celtic Manor Resort – SDR Rehab UK (South Wales)
  • These workshops are suitable for any Parent or Guardian to attend

The aim of these workshops is to provide families and guardians with an understanding of strength and conditioning, motor control and movement efficiency support, pre or post SDR to maximise long-term potential.

What does the workshop include?

  • A combination of underpinning theory (‘Dummies’ guide to strength and conditioning)
  • Goal setting
  • Effective individualisation of strength programming
  • Practical instruction on entry level posture
  • How to produce increased control in movements specific to children pre- and post- SDR

Yes parents, its your turn… you will be on the mats learning the movements, gaining insight on ‘how it feels’ during a given session and developing a basic understanding of correct technique and instruction of a given exercise.

Email SDR Rehab UK on – – or send us a message using the contact form below if you’d like to register an expression of interest, or if you’ve any queries.