We not only provide our expertise and support of provision to children with disabilities (Cerebral Palsy; Neurological Conditions; Physical Impairment) but we also extend our specialist services to:

  • Elderly Rehabilitation
  • Athletic Performance and Injury Pre-hab/Rehab
  • Personal Training
  • Injury Specialism
  • Physical Literacy Programmes
  • Sports Massage Support

We also work with professionally regulated bodies such as the ‘London Orthopaedic Clinic’ whom we have internally referred many of our families to, Mr Justin Coulter.

Mr Justin Coulter
Bsc (Hons), PGDip (Bio), MChS

Justin Coulter is a highly experienced Musculoskeletal Podiatrist who specialises in the identification and understanding of the pathological loading forces that contribute to injury and manifest in various conditions.

Career to Date

Justin completed his undergraduate training in South Africa in 1995 and soon after moved to London. He worked in the NHS for 2 years while also building a private practice and entered full time private practice in 1997. His interests lie in sports medicine, conservative management of foot and ankle disorders and the effects of hypermobility on foot function.

He has worked and continues to work with a multitude of sporting bodies including UK athletics, English Institute of Sport (EIS), England cricket, England Rugby, Saracens rugby club and premiership football. He also provides musculoskeletal podiatry services to The Royal Ballet and the English National Ballet.

What is Musculoskeletal Podiatry?

A musculoskeletal podiatrist will assess the loading forces that act on the foot and lower limb that can cause tissue injury; be that the soft tissue, ligament or bone. They combine this data with other contributing factors such as flexibility (either being too flexible or too stiff), muscle weakness, footwear, environmental factors etc. Once a clear picture has been established they are then able to formulate an appropriate treatment programme to regain full function. This may include orthoses, injection therapy, taping, mobilisations or referral on to expert physiotherapists for the appropriate exercise programme.