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What our initial consultation consists of:

 A movement screening and physical assessment

 Video analysis of the movement screening as required

 An assessment of muscular imbalances and asymmetries

 A consultation on individualised programming pre-and post SDR

 Goal setting and monitoring procedures

 SDR Rehab UK Recommendations

We offer every new client the opportunity to visit us at our facility before committing to us. We provide a free consultation and assessment at our clinic which is based in Cwmbran, Newport in South Wales.

We are confident in our professional services and provision of support. Every practitioner at SDR Rehab UK holds degree level, postgraduate or PhD qualification in their specialist area. Working as an Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) allows each practitioner to confer and work together as a team in the rehabilitation process, allowing our team of practitioners to maximise each child’s opportunity of reaching their physical potential. Due to our extensive industry based connections, we also consult with a full range of additional service providers as required to make sure that we are providing the most up-to-date support for all of our clients.