Sports Massage support

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Sports massage treatment has many proven benefits for children with cerebral palsy or associated neurological conditions. Sport Massage therapy treatment enhances the strength and conditioning provision, working synergistically towards a more functional movement solution. 
In addition to physical gains, cerebral palsy patients participating in therapeutic massage may experience emotional and psychological improvements.  
In practice, sports massage therapists may use multiple techniques to achieve the desired results. Deep tissue procedures are most beneficial for chronic muscle problems associated with cerebral palsy.  In contrast to various forms of relaxation massage, deep tissue therapy uses slow, deliberate strokes to release chronic tension.

By applying pressure or friction against the grain of the muscle and reaching deeper layers of tissue, sport massage therapists effectively reduce stiffness and spasticity experienced by children with cerebral palsy.

Sports massage benefits:

 Reduce muscle tension and stiffness.
 Relieve muscle spasms.
 Reduce stress and tension.
 Increase flexibility.
 Stimulate circulation via increased blood and lymphatic flow.
 Support overall health and wellness.
 Reduce swelling.
 Improve posture.
 Restoring muscular balance.
 Enhancing muscular function.
 Increasing range of motion through a given joint or sequence of muscles.
 Relieving pain which may have built up through years of spasticity
 Enhancing and supporting correct movement patterns.