Mobile Therapy

Mobile Therapy 2.png

We are now offering delivery of support face to face from the comfort of your own home during 2021. 

SDR Rehab UK are going mobile, bringing our strength, and conditioning and sports massage services straight to your home. We will provide the equipment for each session; all we require is a suitable space to facilitate our ‘pop up clinic’. 

We are happy to consider the following areas:

  1. Bristol
  2. Monmouthshire
  3. Gloucestershire
  4. Herefordshire
  5. Devon
  6. Somerset
  7. Wiltshire
  8. M4 ‘Corridor’

You could consider a 2 or 3 day intensive, to maximise the travel costs, all delivered within the comfort of your own home.

Why not split the travel and subsistence costs with another family close by to maximise the benefit, and minimise the costs?

We are very happy to look at bespoke packages. If we can do it, we will.

Please contact us directly about this service and we would be happy to provide you with a personal quote.