“Rhiannon and the Team at SDR Rehab really helped build Oscar's strength before & after SDR surgery. Without them, Oscar would not be as strong as he is now.

Their knowledge is unbelievable. Every exercise is explained fully, and why that exercise is happening and the effects it will have on Oscar.  

Nothing is ever too much of a problem for Rhiannon and the team and they always go out of their way to make sure you feel at ease and understand what they are doing. 

We cannot speak highly enough of SDR Rehab UK and their staff and I know Oscar has lots of fun when he is there. It is not just about working hard; it is also about having fun and building a relationship with the team to get the desired results. 

Thank you to everyone at SDR Rehab for everything you have done for us. We ALWAYS look forward to our visits!” 

The Sproxton Family! – Hessle, England (2020)

“We have been going to SDR Rehab UK for around 2 years and could not be happier with their service. Rhiannon is an amazing trainer and the whole team are extremely dedicated to what they do. The knowledge and experience of all the trainer’s is first class and they put everything into each training session. Rhiannon really encourages my daughter to work towards her goals and keeps her fully motivated and engaged, whilst still having a giggle along the way. 

The support Rhiannon gave during the lockdown months was fantastic and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed our zoom training sessions. 

We can’t thank you enough for your dedication and hard work”.

Rachael Atkins (Ruby’s Mummy) - Monmouthshire, South Wales (2020)

“Lucas has been having 2-3 sessions per week at SDR Rehab UK with Rhiannon and the team since his SDR surgery 12 months ago. They are a very professional and welcoming team who have always given 100% towards Lucas during each session. During his time here we have seen nothing but improvement in Lucas, physically and mentally, he looks forward to attending every session and works hard at every one, with the support and encouragement of the team member present.

The strength and confidence Lucas has gained in himself is amazing and we cannot thank SDR Rehab UK enough.

We have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend this friendly and professional team to anyone”. 

Lucas Rice and his family x – Newport, South Wales (2020)

“I 100% highly recommend SDR Rehab UK, I’ve been working with the team mainly Rhiannon, for 4 years, pre and post SDR. I have learnt so much about how my body works and functions and ways of doing strength and conditioning, not only at the centre but at home too. 

Rhiannon and the whole team are so friendly, they also make the sessions fun and worth every single penny. They all really do have hearts of golds and thrive to reach everyone’s potentials and goals. 

They never see you as someone with a condition, they are full of understanding and kindness, and kindness goes a long way. 

Since working with SDR Rehab UK I have gained so much confidence in myself and my walking is improving every day. I highly recommend SDR Rehab UK due to their kindness and hard work, and the time and effort they all have for every single one of their clients. I rate SDR Rehab UK 100/100 xx”

Jade Owen – Bridgend, South Wales (2020)

“SDR Rehab UK are a portal of strength, both building it and engaging during my daughter’s rehabilitation, but also through the contact and relationship they build with their clients. 

I always felt safe and secure in the work they do with my daughter, listened to as a parent, and gaged a good understanding of the input they delivered to her. 

My daughter was always excited to see the team there, and they found amazing ways to get her working to her full potential, even after a long car journey”.

Alanah Bray (Livia’s Mummy) – Devon, England. (2020)

“Finlay really enjoys his sessions at SDR Rehab UK. Since he has been attending, he has come on in leaps and bounds. Rhiannon and the team make Finlay work hard, but with the right amount of fun! I feel that the team are very adaptable to the needs of the individual child. I would highly recommend SDR Rehab as the service they provide is outstanding and their communication with parents is brilliant, they are very flexible and understand how busy parents with disabled children are. Thank you SDR Rehab. We ❤ you xx”

Teresa Gilroy (Finlay’s Mummy) – Gloucestershire, England. (2020)

“We have been attending SDRRUK for just over 2 years now. The difference in Sienna’s mobility, strength, balance, and confidence is astonishing.

The team are all very professional, supportive, and knowledgeable, and they are always happy to answer any questions or address any concerns that I have. They have developed an excellent rapport not just with Sienna but with the rest of the family and she absolutely loves attending her sessions. 

We feel incredibly lucky to have found SDRRUK and their support has been invaluable to Sienna’s development”. 

Joanne Chaplin (Sienna’s Mum) – Swansea, South Wales. (2020)

“Rhiannon is a fantastic and highly qualified strength and conditioning coach. Each of her clients has a very specific, individual programme, she is keenly interested in the progress of her clients. Even during lockdown, she was providing free online consultations for families. Her ability to engage and motivate children to do their best is second to none. 

Rhiannon and her team have created such a positive environment”.

Rita Korovina, (Sherwin’s Mum) Bristol, England (2020)

“Rhiannon and all the team at SDR Rehab UK have been monumental in increasing Lincoln’s mobility since his SDR operation in 2018. Tailoring exercises to suit Lincoln’s ever improving mobility and ever-changing moods as he grows, they have the patience of saints and always go the extra mile to accommodate his needs. Thank you for becoming part of our family”.

Jessica Hope (Lincoln’s Mummy) – Torfaen, South Wales (2020)

“Oliver has been working with SDR Rehab UK since January 2017, since he was three years old. We started doing monthly sessions with the team to prepare Oliver for SDR surgery. Since the surgery in April 2017 Oliver was initially completing strength and conditioning therapy twice a week. This has now been reduced to once a week to compliment the other activities Oliver completes. Oliver’s sessions with Rhiannon and the team are the highlight of his week. 

They make it so fun he doesn’t realise how hard he is working to improve his balance, stamina and strength. 

The work they complete with Oliver is always child focused, and they are so committed to getting the best out of him”.

Jane Parker (Oliver’s Mummy) - Newport, South Wales (2020)

“My son has completed 2 intensive weeks since 2019 with Rhiannon and Jade and is due to return for a 3rd week during October half-term. The sessions are hard work but hidden with lots of fun, especially sword fighting. We have seen the benefit of these sessions in our son and have been given great ideas on how to keep the progress going at home. We’re looking forward to returning soon”.
Jo Stanesby (Harry’s Mum) – London, England (2020)

“We are so thankful every day for finding a therapy that worked amazingly with our son, he really looked forward to coming and working hard, you all made it fun, whilst strengthening and conditioning his body. Over the past 4-years, you taught our son and ourselves, how important it is for us to continue the therapy at home, to achieve great results.
We cannot wait to get back to Wales to continue our sessions.
Keep up the fantastic work, you are not only therapists, you have become life-long friends, that feel like family. We are blessed with on this journey and forever thankful for finding you guys. P.s our son Malachi misses the massages too”.
Love from the Reid family. – Croydon, England. (2020)

“SDR REHAB UK was a big centre / therapy area in Whales, we had a therapist there (her name was rehanon).
I really liked it there and everyone was very friendly. This is my review.
On a scale of 1 to hundred - my rating is 87 out of 100”.

Bilal, Mariam’s twin brother (aged 8-years) – Pakistan (2020)

“Travelling from Pakistan to SDR Rehab UK has been a great decision for us. Our daughter is much more motivated and aware of her capabilities. Rhiannon has helped so much with her strength and conditioning, which has resulted in her walking short distances independently. 
I would like to especially mention how organised and easy the online sessions were made during the COVID-19 lockdown, without this support, she would have regressed so much. 
The way Rhiannon conducted the online therapy was so effective, yet not too tough for us parents to practice and we saw visible results while in lockdown too. 
What more could a special needs parent want!”
Sabrina Faisal (Mariam’s Mummy) – Pakistan (2020)

“We started our journey with SDR Rehab UK in October 2014.  My son Thomas had SDR in 2011, age 11, in the USA.  Upon coming home, we were shocked at how little post op support there was through the NHS so sought help elsewhere.  
Having tried various methods and centres we stumbled upon SDR Rehab UK by chance, winning a prize in a charity raffle for a weekend’s therapy.  As soon as we had our first taste of what SDR Rehab were about we knew this was the centre for us.  
The knowledge and professionalism are unrivalled in the UK in my opinion.  The treatment is tailored to each child, not a one size fits all and the progress we have made since joining has been astonishing.  They go where others fear to tread and are constantly pushing the boundaries of what these kids can do.  Thomas looks forward to going and the positive encouragement and positive outcomes keep driving him onwards and upwards.  
We have gone from a diagnosis of “might or might not walk” from the NHS to Thomas now trying out for the school basketball team, against kids who have none of the challenges that CP provides.  
I really, really couldn’t be happier and my only concern is whatever we would do if the centre were to close, as nowhere else comes close”.
David Hughes (Thomas’ Dad) – Warwickshire, England. (2017)

“We have been working with SDRRUK since 2014 and have always valued their input, advice and support. They offer a full and varied programme of activity which is always fun, engaging and tailored to Poppy’s changing needs.
I would strongly recommend the sessions with SDRRUK as they definitely complement and enhance the work we do at home”. 
Meinir Hughes (Poppy’s Mummy) – Buckinghamshire, England. (2016)

“Jupiter has been attending SDR REHAB UK for over two years, with regular monthly sessions and 4/5-day intensives in the school holidays.
The team are professional and intuitive, always working with Jupi`s particular needs at any given time.
Jupi, at 6 years old, can do up to 3 hours of bodywork, including `strength and conditioning` and `massage` each day. He pushes himself to his limits and then can`t wait for the next day`s session! This is a testament to the dedication and commitment of these special people who work with him.
Thank you SDR Rehab UK for helping bring Jupi to where he is today”.
Deidre O’Sullivan (Jupi’s Nanny) – Nottingham, England. (2015)