David Hughes – Warwickshire

“We started our journey with SDR Rehab UK in October 2014.  My son Thomas had SDR in 2011, age 11, in the USA.  Upon coming home we were shocked at how little post op support there was throught the NHS so sought help elsewhere.  Having tried various methods and centres we stumbled upon SDR Rehab UK by chance, winning a prize in a charity raffle for a weekend’s therapy.  As soon as we had our first taste of what SDR Rehab were about we knew this was the centre for us.  The knowledge and professionalism is unrivalled in the UK in my opinion.  The treatment is tailored to each child not a one size fits all and the progress we have made since joining has been astonishing.  They go where others fear to tread and are constantly pushing the boundaries of what these kids can do.  Thomas looks forward to going and the positive encouragement and positive outcomes keep driving him onwards and upwards.  We have gone from a diagnosis of “might or might not walk” from the NHS to Thomas now trying out for the school basketball team, against kids who have none of the challenges that CP provides.  I really, really couldn’t be happier and my only concern is what ever we would do if the centre were to close as nowhere else comes close.”